ROTOGRAN plastic barriers are produced by the method of rotary casting (ROTATIONAL MOLDING). Quality construction from linear medium density polyethylene (LMDPE) with antioxidants and 100% recyclable. Plastic barriers are not affected by solar radiation thanks to UV stabilizers (UV protection).

They are mainly used for the exclusion and demarcation of areas on roads where works are carried out, for a permanent central island, at entrances - exits of factories, or the creation of detours. ROTOGRAN plastic handrails are also ideal for mounting next to metal handrails so that the car speed is reduced in the event of an accident.

Their great advantage is easy to transport due to their lightweight, as well as their very easy installation or removal. Their weight can be increased according to the needs by filling the barrier with water or sand. They have a bottom cap with a rubber band for a firm fit on the ground, while they are available in a wide variety of colors.

Stackable Plastic Barrier

Available in different colors

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Double sided plastic zebra

with reflective tape

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