ROTOGRAN SA is a specialized company that is active in the field of ROTATIONAL MOLDING offering plastic products of high quality and durability.

Our company specializes in the production of plastic lids for waste bins, plastic tanks, and barriers, all made with the modern method of rotary casting.

This method offers design advantages over other casting processes: with the right design, multi-piece parts can be molded into one piece eliminating high manufacturing costs.

All raw materials used are accompanied by the appropriate certificates of use and suitability, with the main processing material polyethylene, which is 100% recyclable.

Rotogran AEBE

How we create our work

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High quality & continuous development

Our long experience and our specialization in the field of polyethylene processing gave us the impetus in 2001 to establish ROTOGRAN SA. fully understanding the needs of customers and showing respect for the natural environment.

The goal of our company is the production of plastic products of high technical standards and the gradual introduction to the Greek market of new technologies and durable products with eco-friendly materials.

Our company has for many years a dynamic presence in international exhibitions in Europe and Asia, successfully presenting new products.